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Comic actor John Ritter died on his daughter's 5th birthday in September 2003.

The next day, his widow, actress Amy Yasbeck, told the girl that her dad's death was unavoidable.

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Lawyers for the plaintiffs fault the care Ritter, 54, received from two doctors -- one who interpreted the results of a body scan he had in 2001, the other who treated him the night he died.

Defense attorneys say their clients did nothing wrong and that Ritter would have died no matter what doctors did.

The trial will feature high-stakes legal questions, celebrity cameos and dueling medical opinions by researchers who have written books on the arterial condition that killed Ritter.

Besides the medical issues, the proceeding probably will delve into sensitive areas for Hollywood bosses: how much successful television stars are worth and how that question is settled in contract negotiations.

It also will highlight how differently malpractice lawsuits play out when the alleged victim is wealthy.

8 simple rules for dating wife

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