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The target window or frame to load the Web page linked to when the Hyper Link control is clicked.Values must begin with a letter in the range of a through z (case-insensitive), except for the special values listed in the following table, which begin with an if the rendered output for the Hyper Link must be XHTML 1.1 compliant.

If you need to access this as a server-side control (e.g.

(2) setting the attribute is different from setting Navigate Url, the latter expands to the url of the page the link is in with "#" on the end, the former gives you only "#".

you want to add data attributes to a link, as I did), then there is a way to do what you want; however, you don't use the Hyperlink or Html Anchor controls to do it.

Create a literal control and then add in "Your Text" as the text for the literal control (or whatever else you need to do that way).

we can display a hyperlink on a web form page by inserting a Hyper Link server control on the page.

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