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Help them learn to stand on their own feet and successfully manage their own money. Also, don’t forget we have the coolest parent resource ever – you even get a code along with your book purchase – for 5 FREE Kids Money Personalities Assessments.

Mistakes will be made, but they will learn from them. And you can take heart in knowing you gave them one of the best gifts you can as a parent, healthy independence.

Here’s to raising responsible adult kids…you can do it!

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But there’s another cost that might well linger on for parents of high school and college grads: the cellphone bill.

A survey last year found that about 40 percent of parents of 18- to 35-year-old children still pay for their cellphone service, and 29 percent continue to do so even after their kids have moved out and pay their own rent.

Our own impromptu survey found two reasons parents keep an adult child on a family plan. The estimated that opening a new account can cost two to four times as much as adding a line to the family account.

The practice is so common psychologists named this period of extended child dependency “emerging adulthood.” Sure, you want them to call home and you want to be a part of their exciting new life, but does that mean you should be paying for it too? Should you wait to retire to afford their new lifestyle? That’s right – doing any of the above sends the message to your adult child that taking cash from mom and dad is a good plan.

But a nationwide trend shows over two-thirds of parents over the age of 50 financially supported a child older than 21 in the last five years.

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