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If you had scales and put Stalin's massacres on the left side, what could you put on the right-hand side to balance it? Perhaps the very best people don't seek publicity for their good deeds; these are the unknown heroes who work tirelessly with the poor and the sick.

Extreme kindness and attempts to alleviate suffering? When considering religions leaders, do we need to consider possible negative results that evolved, such as fundamentalist groups that suppress women, or wars or violence motivated by religion or relgious beliefs? Obviously, there are no right or wrong answers, and obviously one person's evil person is another person's good person, and vice versa. Tomas de Torquemada (pictured here) - Born in Spain in 1420, his name is synonymous with the Christian Inquisition's horror, religious bigotry, and cruel fanaticism.

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Torquemada's hatred of Jews influenced Ferdinand and Isabella to expel all Jews who had not embraced Christianity. Vlad Tepes - Vlad the Impaler was a prince known for executing his enemies by impalement.

He was a fan of various forms of torture including disemboweling and rectal and facial impalement.

Vlad the Impaler tortured thousands while he ate and drunk among the corpses.

Below is a list of the "Top Ten" evil people of all time followed by a list of the "Top Ten" good people of all time -- sorted in order of evilness and goodness. Why is it easier to think of evil examples than good ones?

What alterations would you make to the list or the ordering? If I may have permission to quote you in a manuscript, please give permission in your note to me.

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