Adult recorded chats

by  |  20-Aug-2016 16:10

Orange chats are usually 10–12 cm in length, 10-12 grams in weight and have an average wingspan of 19 cm.The orange chat is a small ground songbird with relatively long, broad and rounded wings and a short square ended tail.The orange chat is potbellied in shape with long thin legs, a short slender straight bill and a brush-tipped tongue.

Bird species similar to and often confused with the orange chat are the yellow chat and the crimson chat; these birds are similar in size and shape.

Orange chats have straighter and on average shorter bills.

The adult male chat is rarely mistaken for another with its vivid orange colouration and black throat-patch.

The male yellow chat is coloured almost as brightly as the orange chat but without such warm orange overtone, rather an intense lemon yellow.

The grey-brown mottled females and immature plumage have yellow uppertail-coverts and a yellow underbody distinguishing them from the crimson chat but is still rather similar to the yellow chat.

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