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Video M8 is a dating site, in that it attempts to bring people together that otherwise wouldn't meet, but it differs greatly from most online dating sites in that it doesn't require a profile to be filled out, questions to be answered or any software to be downloaded.As well, Video M8 isn't just for dating; it could also be used to meet new people with similar hobbies and/or interests.Here you cam chat with a webcam face-to-face video dates with cool people online.

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And because webcam video dates are 1 on 1, they are more personal, more true to life. Click next when you're done and move to the next video cam date if it does not work out.

There's something special about webcam video dating and seeing people face-to-face.

Speed dating is a great way to meet lots of new people in a quick, fun, no-pressure environment.

You won't waste your time with people you aren't interested in and will have the opportunity to connect with some people you never would have met.

When you meet guys or girls on an online speed date with a webcam, you see them face to face.

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