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at the end of the just as she was about to leave i plucked up the courage & asked her if she fancied going for a drink sometime, to my surprise she said yes but it would have to be discreet as she didn't want her children/grandchildren to find out.

Five years ago, Donna's second husband had some bad news.

"He told me I had to move out," she recalls, "so he could move his girlfriend in." Donna didn't think there could be a third chance at love.

The 52-year-old grandmother of one moved to Seattle resigned to forget about romance and seek contentment in the company of family and friends.

Two years later, Donna's friend introduced her to Prime, a personals website for the 50-plus crowd, saying, "Even if you don't meet a guy, the women are so much fun.

Bettersex com grandmothers adult dating sites

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