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“I miss you’s” were reserved in my mind for friends and lovers who had seen me through at least a round of emotional highs and lows.

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I was happily committed to the idea of returning to New York after the holidays to pick up where we left off, and in the meantime, continuing to talk to one another about daily happenings, if we felt like it.

I wanted to revel in the newness, carefree and lighthearted. But the dozens of “I miss you” text messages soon culminated in him asking me if I was seeing anyone else.

I told him the truth – I wasn’t exclusive with anyone at that point, and that yes, I had been seeing other people.

It began as a fun flitting in my chest, smile and daydream-inducing, goofily saccharine the way most beginnings of good things are. A combination of polite questions, witty banter, and explicit flirtation (enhanced with images) kept us both delightfully entertained and engaged.

After a couple weeks of messaging, we mutually expressed interest to meet in person. I had never met anyone online before, or even been on so much as a blind date.

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