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Today I was at lunch with my Catholic godmother, a friend and another guy.We discussed various issues about Christianity, and then, I can't remember how we got onto it, my Catholic godmother started speaking a whole load of gibberish.

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I managed to record some of her babbling, and after playing it back, I heard the world "Yeshu" which sounds like "Jesus" in Aramaic.

After she had finished, she said, "Many people need prayer. Many need peace in their hearts but don't have it."Is what just happened here a demonic manifestation?

I know it's not of God - God has "thousands of archangels and ten thousands of angels" ready to do His bidding, and if He wanted to send a message, he would send one of them. Here's as much as I know: All signs that are of God can be counterfeited by the devil and his angels.

So do you think that this manifestation would be demonic or could she just be making the whole thing up (she doesn't seem like that sort of person, though). That is why we must pray for discernment, that we may know which are of God and which are not.

What would also be interesting would be to get the recording translated. I was in a charismatic Pentecostal church for about seven years, and I heard people speaking in tongues quite frequently.

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