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The Internet frustrates Thailand because they cannot control it.Instead, the country is emulating the likes of China and North Korea by implementing measures to monitor who is doing what online.And meetings are being held with the biggest names of the online world like Google and Facebook in an attempt to filter and / or remove material online that Thailand deems It was not always this way.

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As recently as when the Yellows occupied the airport and the Reds controlled parts of downtown, you could say just about anything online and the Thais didn't care.

There was always one subject you steered clear of, of course, online and offline. You could say pretty much anything about anyone online and nothing would happen. The Computer Crime Act came in to effect in 2007, the same year the i Phone was introduced.

Facebook had yet to become such a big part of Thai people's lives..

It was different in expat circles, however, where Internet penetration was probably around 90%.

Thais and expats alike felt almost complete freedom to speak their mind. In the past two years, coincidentally - or otherwise - the period in which the military government came in to power, things have tightened up and now the authorities take the online world very seriously.

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