Xnxxhookup - Chateen wins

by  |  31-Jul-2015 04:11

I found the acting on this one to be well above average and i can't really fault anyone's acting and i have to admit that i really do like Sarah Michelle gellar and i found her to be an amazing little actress in this one as well.

The plot hasn't run thin even though there isn't the largest revelations in the world, there certainly is a few twists which result in one hell of a movie somehow linking itself to the first scream ever so well without just delving into the roots to make a stupid cop-out sequel just for money.

The death scenes aren't the largest amount of blood you will ever see but it does have more than the first one so you have been warned, of course this film tries to pull on heart strings so depending on who you take a liking to you might just find yourself upset with the result of your favourite cause i know i was.

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