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by  |  18-Apr-2015 17:47

There’s a new spot for culinary discovery in Kreuzberg: Berlin’s Kochhaus just opened a new branch in the colourful Bergmann Kiez.The „Cooking House“ franchise, which markets itself as a „walk-in cookbook“ and where foods are arranged not by type but by recipe, hopes to make cooking at home as exciting as going out.

Berlin&I was invited to come along and have a taste.

The design of the store is eye catching enough that, even without knowing anything about the concept, you might well be drawn through the doors into a modern, attractive interior.

Dark wood counters offset the bowls, baskets and trays of brightly coloured foods, and an otherwise bright and uncluttered layout makes for a pleasant shopping experience.

The store is easily navigable thanks to large, vibrant signs visualising the recipes on offer, making it simple to quickly pick up everything one might need for, for example, a Thai papaya salad with chicken and peanuts.

And perhaps the most appealing part of all: though organic and local produce is prioritised throughout, the owners have vowed that the price will never be higher than 10€ per portion.

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