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Marla Sokoloff [ Dina ], Rachel Davies [ Flora ], Wayne Thomas Yorke [ Best Man ], Pat Lach [ Mother ], Marijane Cole [ Sshh Lady ], Martha Stewart [ Herself ] Tommy's "make-out session" has an unintended consequence: he catches a bug and the crew gets its first taste of human illness.

Martha Stewart has a camero curing Harry with her apple cobbler. [ Jeff ], Kathryn Lanasa [ Kate ], Richard Gilbert-Hill [ Jeff's Brother ], Katie Layman [ Muriel ], Nancy Le Suk [ Female Necker ], Darlene Kardon [ Old Woman ], Mark Bedard [ Naked Guy ], Lindsey Haun [ Lisa ], Eric Saiet [ Pleasant Man ], Steve Yiali [ Male Necker ] Leon, Bug, Pitman, Caryn, August, Father Rice When an obnoxious professor dies during a party in his honor, Dick finds the will specifies that he must deliver a "forthright and honest" eulogy about the universally despised academic.

Dubcek When Dick's evasive about his past -- because Tommy has been too busy with school work to establish their aliases -- Dr. Officer Don, Coach, August The Solomons' faith in human nature is shaken when they fall victim to crime ("This planet is in a bad neighborhood," sighs Sally).

Albright suspects he's a '60s radical fugitive she once had a thing for. Randall The Solomons discover that everyone on Earth has roots but them. Randell, Dick learns that the teenage isn't "fitting in" at school. Meanwhile, Dick makes Tommy join the school basketball team. Randall Dick decides the reason Harry's"odd" is because he lacks a father, and sets out nurture the suddenly rebellious Harry -- who then learns that he has a"thing" in his head, a communications device the others knew about all along.

Meanwhile, Harry joins a CD-of-the-month club and is swamped with CDs. "Of course I'm not fitting in," snaps Tommy, "to fit in, you have to something." The question is, what to be? "It's loaded with every possible genre of human," he marvels. We can take our pick." Dick picks the Italians because, according to a swooning Dr. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Sally meets the hostile mother of her boyfriend. Dubcek, Judith, Father Rice, Professor Suter The ever-present influence of television turns the Solomons' first trip to a hospital into a madcap exercise in fantasy versus reality. Dubcek cuts her finger, and the sight of blood leave Sally unconscious, Harry and Tommy rush them to the hospital, where the smell of sterile corridors and the gleam of surgical scrubs remind the aliens of the exciting work of their favorite TV doctors -- work that they practice on several unsuspecting patients.

Meanwhile, Dick has work issues of his own when Dr.

Albright finally gets her long-coveted private office. Randall Dick cuts up at a Japanese restaurant, but the big news is that he's there with Dr. But just as they finally consummate their attraction, Harry receives bad news from the home planet: Dick has been replaced by a less benign duplicate, who traps him in the basement and takes charge of Dr. Production credits: Executive producers: Bonnie Turner & Terry Turner, Caryn Madabach, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Linwood Boomer Co-executive producer: Joe Fisch Producers: Bill Martin, Mike Schiff Produced by Patrick Kienlen Co-producers: Bob Kushell, Christine Zander Associate producer: Timothy Ryder Executive story consultant: Andy Cowan Creative consultant: Mark Brazill George Takei [ Himself ], Tim Bagley [ Frank ], Larry Sousa [ Valet ], Tim Pulice [ Guy in Line ], David Goetsch [ Leaflet Guy ] Aghast at the treatment of aliens in a hit science fiction movie, the Solomons attend a science fiction convention to try to set the record straight -- and Sally's first experience of hotels get her hooked on room service. Randall Relationships are in jeopardy: Sally and Mr.

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