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These included a bikini-clad shout-out to the mayor in August, when Qu undertook the ALS ice-bucket challenge.

Qu on Sunday obliquely observed on Instagram : “I have lived my life with integrity, strong morals and respect for the world. And you'll only attract those who are like you and live by the same values.” There have been some sadly predictable racist remarks in various online forums.

But asides from the public profiles of the presumably happy couple, their pairing represents nothing terribly remarkable.

For a start, Vancouver has the highest rate of mixed-race unions in Canada, according to a 2010 Statistics Canada report, based on 2006 census results.

Vancouver’s ridiculously photogenic mayor, Gregor Robertson, has a new girlfriend, the mainland-Chinese-born pop star Wanting Qu.

First, some background and a disclaimer: I reckon the relationship is worth scrutiny for at least a couple of non-prurient reasons, not the least of which is that Robertson’s own PR team put his private life front and centre last summer at the start of his re-election campaign.

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