Chuck liddell anna romance dating

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“But I remember one day looking over and she was working just as hard if not harder than everyone on the team.That’s when I realized she was legit.’’Tate started dating another MMA fighter, and a few months later, her new boyfriend committed suicide.

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Caraway soon became Tate’s boyfriend and trainer, and so began their ascent in MMA.

She made professional debut in 2007 and compiled a 12-2 record before getting a shot against Ronda Rousey in 2012.

After a first-round loss, Tate got a rematch in 2013.

LAS VEGAS — When Miesha Tate first revealed she wanted to be a mixed martial arts fighter — about a decade before her championship fight Saturday against Holly Holm — Bryan Caraway, then a budding MMA fighter and trainer, was strongly opposed.

He was interested in her as a potential girlfriend, and the thought of Tate fighting soured their budding romance.“I was like, ‘Whoa, this is my deal,’ ” Caraway told USA TODAY Sports. You’re a cute little girl.’ ”How’s this for cute: Tate and Caraway eventually hooked up, in and out of the gym, and forged a relationship that has help develop Tate as perennial top contender and given her a third shot at a UFC championship.

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