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Me: “Quieres pasar un rato, o sea cuando no estas trabajando? (This is something I have developed due to previous experiences with the Colombian flake.) So, I arrive at the office and ask where she is. Of course, she is a little surprised to see me walk in and starts apologizing and giving all sorts of excuses as to why she can’t go out. To top all this off, it looked like she had put herself together.

” The next day, as promised, I call her in the afternoon. They say she’s in the kitchen (her work place has a large kitchen), so I make my way to the kitchen, and there she is. I told her in response: “You said yes yesterday.” “I called, you didn’t answer.” “I sent you messages, you didn’t answer.” She continued to give more apologies, but there she was. I mean, she wasn’t wearing her simple work clothes anymore if you know what I mean. Do you really think you can give me an unequivocally positive response the night before, and then completely deny everything the night following?

By this time, I am getting an inkling like she might do the infamous Colombian flake on me, but I was still moderately hopeful because she gave me a “claro que si” with regards to our plans.

I mean, I understand that in Colombian culture, many people (men included) are used to a certain degree of laxity when it comes to planning. I can also handle rejection if that’s what you want to do. Or just outright say “I’m not interested.” It might sting a little, but I can take that. This has to do with respect from one person to another. This was not the first time this has happened to me.

They arrive hours late to first destination, they arrive after closing time to the , and then sometimes they end up at home after a night of essentially riding around in a taxi, being late to everything. I mean, listen, it is completely within your prerogative to simply deny me, reject me, or ignore me. Colombian girls flake like it is a genetic trait they were born with.

Even if you get a double-confirmation, there’s no telling when they will suddenly forget about you and your interaction with them.

It-s quite hard to be alone in this life , to not have anyone to lean on , to be afraid of not being able to work cause none will take care of you , but never give up .

God will provide what we need , like the birds .....

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