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Gallagher says there are questions about claims made by the dating site; things like, “Real Virginia Singles. ”; “Virginia's Premier Matchmaking Service”; “All Introductions are 100% Guaranteed.” "I started working for the BBB in 1969.

I have watched this kind of thing go on since the day I went to work for it," Gallagher said .

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We never got a call or email from the dating site's corporate office.

The dating service did respond to complaints on the BBB's site with answers like, it doesn't provide refunds and customers need to give the service time to work.

Still, the BBB says the company hasn't responded to other requests about advertising , background information and questions about fees and policies.

If you're looking for love, the Better Business Bureau warns not every offer will lead to romance.

The organization says its received complaints about a dating service targeting seniors.

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