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Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons in the second century, wrote that Matthew composed his Gospel “for Hebrew Christians in Hebrew (i.e.; Aramaic).” Well-attested as the Aramaic original appears to be by the early church fathers, no trace of it has survived.

Furthermore, the language of the Gospel as it has come down to us bears no marks of being a Greek translation of an Aramaic original.

It is possible that Matthew also composed a Greek edition for the Gentile converts, perhaps for those living in Antioch in particular.

Since the Greek-speaking Gentile converts and churches quickly outstripped the Aramaic-speaking congregations in number both in the region around Palestine and throughout the Roman Empire, the Aramaic original may have perished at an early date.

The general agreement among the early church fathers in accepting this Gospel as having been written by Matthew accords well with what we know about the apostle.

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