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[Insert hype build here] Pool 1 c R Sonic Fox TGS | Yams Lobsterjohnson JOB l TGS SRRYIMWHTE Najarin Prime Pool 2 RM Cossner St Dx 2e Z ADM Riddles Hidetoshi Yosuke Traestarr ki LLtron187 Pool 3 Hayatei Compbros Awkward Sloth Tony at home AE-Vegeta Pool 4 YOMI REO Buffalo EXi LE_Tweedy RM_Indecisive Creepy ZB Villianous Pool 5 PG| Scar HZRD Xx Dark KHAOTIC SHARK ADM_Flex Luger Versa Jay Bruhbruh x420x Pool 6 HZRD Kevo Da Ma N TGS | Sid The Haze ADM Kolas Doohoo Gruff RM| Gandy Man Pool 7 EVB Dragon TGS | Zappa Shoq RM Fire Wa LL HZRD Techn9cian RM Blackula Jonathan Jackson Pool 8 TGS Mr Aquaman Grr EVB Echo EXi LE | Ti TAN Baby Trevor Clarke You've all seen Red Hot Sundays.

Now it's time for the Australian MKX scene to highlight it's players with some serious (and some not so serious) FT5 grudge matches!

Both big names in the Australian scene and up and comers have expressed their interest in playing some sets for your viewing pleasure.

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