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Those living together en concubinage have some of the same privileges in law as married couples, including social security.

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In certain parts of Paris, it’s possible for couples to have an unofficial ‘marriage’ ceremony, although gay marriages aren’t legal in France (a recent ‘union’ in Bordeaux was declared unlawful).

It’s reckoned that over 40 per cent of French children are born out of wedlock and a fifth are raised by a single parent (85 per cent women).

Illegitimacy no longer carries the stigma it once did, and all children have the same rights; an unmarried mother ( mère célibataire) is even paid a generous allowance by the state.

The legal age of consent in France is 18; girls aged between 15 and 18 can be married with the consent of at least one parent, but the government is planning to abolish this concession.

Non-French citizens are entitled to be married in France, but divorcees and widows must wait 300 days after their divorce or the death of their spouse before being allowed to remarry (in case of pregnancy).

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