Dating heaven

by  |  08-Jun-2016 06:35

Meet in lounge area of monthly chosen restaurant for personal introductions and mingle, followed by sit down 3 course (or more) dinner. Pay one price for ALL included (CASH bar drinks are separate) We visit many types of restaurants to experience different cultures and dining experiences.

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No need to worry if you don't play well, many beginners will be there. We will have one game played mixed with some fun ways to bowl... One hour Dance lesson with professional dancer instructors, learn the basics on how to dance the best Latin dances.

"Date Match Cards" provided to make connections with info on connections given to you the next day. This fun activity event will include PRIZE'S for the highest scorer and lowest scorer! Partners will rotate to allow you to meet everyone.

Practice your new skills with open dance to GREAT MUSIC until 11pm.

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