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Larry Jodsaas dedicated his professional career to advancing the computer technology industry in Minnesota, through his able helmsmanship of major high-tech corporations, service to professional and civic organizations, and his support of education.It is not surprising that he came to specialize in the manufacture of semi-conductors since, by all accounts, Jodsaas is adept at handling resistance.Born and raised on a North Dakota farm with limited resources, Jodsaas left high school at 15 to take a job at a gas station.

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Returning home, Jodsaas took coursework at the North Dakota State School of Science, then moved on to the University of North Dakota where he earned B.

The Jodsaas Center for Engineering Leadership and Entrepreneurship was established in 2008 to provide engineering students opportunities to develop skills beyond the traditional engineering curriculum. Develop the leadership and entrepreneurship skills of our students 2.

Promote the formation and development of student-led entrepreneurial ventures 3.

Serve as the link between the School of Engineering and Mines and other established programs on campus, including the Center for Innovation and the Entrepreneurship Program within the College of Business.

To help meet these goals, the Jodsaas Center hosts seminars and workshops on various topics of interest to our students.

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