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In case your wondering, the answer is “Yes, this is more dressy than the usual for us! It is important to choose a restaurant that you commonly visit as a couple; because, that is what Phil and Claire do in the movie!

Assuming there is a wait, the hostess will ask for your name, your response: “The Triplehorns”.

Keep in mind, dining at a restaurant that takes your name down is a must.

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“Triplehorns, Party of 2,” That was our cue, it was time to be seated!

Once settled in (hopefully a booth), go ahead and order.

For the conversation tonight you are going to pick couples or even groups out, who are in the room and guess what their story is.(Of course this idea is also taken from the movie).

This date was inspired by the new movie, perfectly titled: ‘Date Night’, starring Steve Carrel and Tina Fey.

In my opinion these two stars were brilliantly cast for the leading roles in this film! This is what you might refer to as a ‘Dinner and Movie Date’, but so much funner!

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