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by  |  11-Mar-2015 18:32

Neola is excited to announce our new Board Docs based policy editing and publishing platform.

We have made a slow, evolutionary progress toward faster processing, but we need a revolutionary approach to take our service to the next level.

Neola is a policy company first and foremost, so we have enlisted the help of Emerald Data Solutions, the Board Docs people.

They are working with us on a web-based collaboration and publishing platform tailored to our needs.

We have prepared a Q&A below to help answer many of your questions.

Any additional questions, concerns or suggestions should be directed to our Director of Operations, Scott Westhoven at 330-926-0514 or email him at [email protected] We have invited a small group of Wisconsin clients who already subscribe to and are therefore familiar with Board Docs to take part in the next beta-test phase of our development this spring. ) to the new platform for all clients during the 2016-17 school year, and for all clients who provide online access to their materials currently to have those materials published on the new platform by 2017-18.

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