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by  |  26-Feb-2015 05:46

“He is very attracted to her, but he knows with Rihanna it’s all or nothing, and he just can’t commit to her like that.He still wants to be friends and party with her, but he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend.Rihanna is devastated.” According to the report, Rihanna and Drake’s relationship wasn’t a two-sided effort.

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“He doesn’t want to hurt her, but she is so not over him.

She keeps thinking if they spend enough time together she can get him to be boyfriend material, but Drake knows better,” the source added.

For many years, Rihanna was caught up in an on-again, off-again romance with Chris Brown, but for several months, the pair has not been seen together, and there have been no clear signs of a future reconciliation.

‘s report, Rihanna and Drake arrived in London prior to the Brit Awards in February, and were spotted partying together until the wee hours of the morning at Libertine nightclub last Monday night.

While no photos of the pair getting cozy have surfaced as of yet, the source claimed Rihanna and Drake were seen kissing “passionately” on the dance floor.

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