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by  |  29-Mar-2015 20:13

“Demi wants a ring, but Wilmer wasn’t ready to get married,” a source told magazine.“She didn’t want to wait around anymore, so they decided to part ways.” It’s not entirely surprising, since Lovato has been open and honest about wanting to marry Valderrama.

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He said that since both he and Lovato are about to head out on their Future Now tour, the split is the best thing for everything.

Well, now the Jonas brother is finding himself in the middle of the couple’s split.

“[Valderrama] told her he thought she was in love with Nick.

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are just one of the many young Hollywood couples who have gone their separate ways.

Fans are shocked to learn that the couple has just ended their relationship after six years of dating.

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