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After 1900, the machine serial numbers have a single or two-letter prefix.

The tables are divided into these three categories: No Letter Serials - Single Letter Prefix A - Podolsk, Russia B - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA C - Wittenberge, (Prussia) Germany D - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA E - Podolsk, Russia F - Clydebank, Scotland G - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA H - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA J - Clydebank, Scotland K - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA L - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA M - Clydebank, Scotland N - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA P - Clydebank, Scotland R - Clydebank, Scotland S - Clydebank, Scotland S*- Podolsk, Russia (*100 "S" machines made in Podolsk) T - Podolsk, Russia V - Clydebank, Scotland W - Bridgeport, Connecticut USA X - Clydebank, Scotland Y - Clydebank, Scotland AA to AT - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA BA to BY - Elizabeth, New Jersey USA CA to CY - Bogota, Colombia DA to DY - Karachi, Pakistan EA to EY - Clydebank, Scotland FA to FY - Clydebank, Scotland GA to GY - Clydebank, Scotland HA to HY - Istanbul, Turkey JA to JE - St.

Having a clear out hence a Treadle Singer sowing machine which has been in the family for over 70 years and is in good sound condition is up for auction. Please study all 24 photos below and click the link below to watch the sewing machine's video, thanks.

A Vintage Art Deco Singer Treadle Sewing Machine in Foldout Table Topped Oak Venee r Cupboard, made in Clydebank 19... Please study all 24 photos and sewing machine's video.

Vintage 1920s Art Deco Lotus Decal Singer 66 Treadle Sewing Machine in Oak Cupboard.

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