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This is Part I of a 2-part series on dating younger women.

Throughout history, it's been common for older men to select younger women as their brides, across cultures, nearly universally.

It would appear we live in a strange and rather unusual period in history, where sexual norms have been turned upside down and positioned on their heads. Certainly, it's a common-enough argument - it's plastered all over the West right now. There ARE plenty of older men who successfully date younger women. What the people pushing the "older men CAN'T get younger women...

But look a little closer, and you'll see that even in the West - even in the United States, bastion of feminist sentiment right now - steer clear of unattractive women with bones to pick, and you'll quickly find that - at least among goes on out there in the real world of older men and the younger women they date. The CAPT was 59 years old, but about as charismatic a guy as you'd ever meet. Our barmaid - a pretty blonde who looked about 25 or 26, my age at the time - served us our lunch, and the CAPT and I took turns flirting with her. unless they BUY them" line do, though, is to ignore the small subset of older men who are successful with younger women as "anomalies" not worth considering, and instead draw their absolute rules from more average men.

I sat at a bar in San Diego, eating lunch with a colleague of mine and our supervisor, a Navy captain (the rank just below admiral in the U. At the time, my charisma was good - it was early 2008 - but I still had some work to do, and I was maybe half as then as I am now. To my surprise, while I did well with her, he did better - and it was genuine (I'd flirted and picked up enough hired guns at that point to be able to tell the difference). But wait - don't younger women with a little while back also did his darnedest to convince me that after about 40 years old or so, all hope of ever landing women under 30 was extinguished. If you're reading this site though, I think it's safe to assume you're not terribly concerned with what the average man is doing, and are more interested in the We'll explore this a lot more in-depth in our second part of this series, "Attracting and Dating Younger Women." For now, I just want to focus on why you see only handfuls of older man / younger woman couplings. And because most older guys are ordinary - and therefore undesirable - just like nice guys who don't know their places, they're liable to raise women's instinctive "disgust" instinct - a protective instinct to avoid mating with perceived lower quality mates - and be labeled ""...

Still, - it's just flirting, so you never really know for sure. or, in the older man's case, even more likely, "dirty." But not all older men interested in younger women fit the "ordinary" bill.

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