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private void On Details View Item Updating(object sender, Details View Update Event Args e) { if (String. New Values["first Name"], "john", String Comparison. Ordinal Ignore Case)) { // "John" is not a valid name, so change it to "Steve": e. If it's bound via Linq Data Source, Sql Data Source or Object Data Source I suggest you have a look at the Updating Event. Cancel = true; } } How is the data bound to the Detailsview? Ordinal Ignore Case)) { // If "Doe" is the last name, cancel the whole operation e.

Hi, I need help with the Lin Q and Details View control. I then have a button I click and I want to pass that value from that textbox to the textbox in the detailsview. Here is the code I use for getting the value from the dhtml window and assigning it to the detailsview textbox: If e. Get the value of any rows into a Details View control: Hi all, I would like to catch the value of a row for a specific row of a detailsview control.

I use Lin Q for the query and data bind in code-behind to the Details View control. Item Updating event, I get nothing from the Text Box. I am using a command field which is raised with the On Item Command="Change Role_Click" property of my Details View. Write(recup Role); } But it doesn't work :( Someone could help ? How To Get A Control Value Of Detailsview In Insert Template i AM using detailsview for search where i'm initializing the details view in insert mode .

With the later method, I can only access read-only fields and headers. Instead, you need to first retrieve a reference to the Text Box within the Cell, and then you can extract the Text property from there. When I select an item from the dhtml window, it puts the value into a textbox.

When you're in the Edit mode, you can't extract the Text property out of the Cell. Pass 1 control value to another control value I have this form, is the detailsview, and in edit mode, I have a link that you click to open up a small dhtml window (not a new window but more like a layer so everything is on the same page).

Alok Hi aloksinha83, Please see this post: Qin Dian Tang Microsoft Online Community Support Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help....

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