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by  |  08-Sep-2016 05:02

A source revealed to National Enquirer, “Since moving Robin into the palatial estate it seems like their marriage is worse than it was before.

Phil still is verbally abusive to Robin and is constantly putting her down. For Robin, it’s like he’s turned the place into her own personal ‘House of Horrors’.” Calm down with the drama there, dear source!

The couple recently moved from their old Beverly Hills estate to the extravagant Mediterranean-style mansion.

The cash-paid $30 million mansion has not, according to the Enquirer, done their relationship any good.

“The location has changed over the past two years, but the story is the same. But Robin is a smart and talented woman, and friends continue to push her to dump him for good, Phil’s ego is sky-high because he’s back on top, and he continues to deny Robin more airtime on the show. She’s published two best-selling books and has taken meetings with studious about hosting her own talk show.

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