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Keith Chegwin, tv presenter and Celebrity Big Brother season 15 contestant.Keith did this one-off naked game show which he regretted so much he bought all the rights to it so it would never be aired again!

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Harry also has possible frontal in Laguna Heat (1987) but the shot is very dark and from far away so ther is not much to see…

and then there’s the issue of finding a HD or good quality clip to make caps and gifs out of…Elliott Cowan & Vincent Riotta, actors in Da Vinci’s Demons season 1 episode 6 (2013) Look past the HUGE dick (which is a prosthetic) worn by Vincent Riotta and you’ll see the quite handsome Elliott Cowan showing off his non-prosthetic penis in this Starz tv series about the bisexual Leonardo Da Vinci (although he’s only bisexual in name since he’s a ladies man on the show)Martin Freeman, actor in Nightwatching (2007).

Martin is better known as John Watson in Sherlock and Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit movies.

Martin has said that he’s more than fine with nudity and prefers to not wear a cocksock if his partners are fine with it.

Kevin Zegers, actor in Transamerica (2005) This is Kevin’s only frontal nudity to date, althouh he has shown his lovely behind in a few more movies…

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