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" According to her story she'd been a futanari from birth, and because of this had an unquenchable curiosity regarding the ways of from that moment I was bound to these cute and "ecchi" kitties in their catgirl alliance!

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But there are two problems, he is a little drunk, and his wallet is nearly empty.

As you know, these girls don't like men with no money so you have to help our hero find a way to fuck them all.

Language games: English Download Stripper_Pick_Up_-_from (75.51 MB) Download Stripper_Pick_Up_-_from k2(75.51 MB) Cat Girl Alliance - XXX-GAME NFO Developer: Sekilala Publisher: G-Collections Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: Modified (DL) License: Freeware Language: English (interface / text) I am Tachibana Eiji, a regular transfer student.

She'd gotten to the point where having Natsuki as a sex partner wasn't enough..told me she was planning to train our classmate Shizuko as a sex slave!

Shizuko, a neat freak famous for her disike of her male classmates, had let it slip to Rumi that she was secretly very curious about sex as well...

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