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by  |  07-Sep-2015 12:15

I noticed most of the other definitions here completely trash fanfiction.

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If they don't like the subject, then obviously they are going to automatically dismiss the fanfiction.

It is true, however, that some fanfictions are rather poorly written and only a few hundred words, and it is also true that some people just write them so they can have their favorite characters have sex (lemon).

But, if you take the time to find something decent, you can end up with a fanfiction story that is so close to the original piece of art, that you'd barely notice the difference.

Mary decided to write a fanfiction based on a story she had read.

She liked the idea of two of the characters as a couple, but it wasn't in the original plot, so she twisted the story around a bit and evolved the characters so that it seemed as though they actually *could* have been together in the first place.

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