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Dry meditation here in vain The holy symbols would explain. Thou'st drawn me here, with might and: main, Long at my sphere hast sucked in vain, And now — FAUST.

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On Heaven he calls for every fairest star, He calls on Earth for every highest gladness ; Nor Heaven nor Earth, nor Near nor Far Can win his deep-stirred bosom from its sadness. Though now his service be as a tangled skein, Yet will I lead him soon to perfect vision. And stand abashed, when thou must needs con- fess That a good man, by his dim impulse driven, Of the right way hath ever consciousness. O'er books and papers thou didst send Thy radiance, melancholy friend. My childhood's merry games proclaimed this music golden, Spring's free glad feast with it began ; With childlike feelings now hath memory withholden Back from the last grim step, the man. Here ivhere ive lan^iiish Us He left that are His ; Master, in anguish.

2 2 Goethe's Faust Half he is conscious of his madness. Prologue in Heaven 23 And canst thou grasp him, lead him even Down with thee on the downward way. Dust shall he eat, and with a zest, Like to the well-known snake, m y cou sin. Would thou, full- orbed Moon, didst shine Thy last upon this pain of mine, Thou whom, from this my desk, so oft I watched at midnight climb aloft ! TK'ou'rt like the Spirit thou graspest with thy mind, Thou'rt not like me ! Whilst in mine eyes the tears were burning, I felt a world within me dawn. Hejilled ivith' hirth^ delight Near Joy Creative goes ; We in this earthly night Still --wad our native luocs.

When I attain the goal Fve chosen, Grudge not if then I crow with swelling breast. I am wiser, true, than your coxcomb-tribe, Your Doctor and Master, your Parson and Scribe ; To no idol of scruple or doubt do I grovel, I know no fear of Hell or of Devil. So I've turned me to magic in my need » If haply spirit-power and speech May many a hidden mystery teach, That I with bitter labour so No more need say what I do not know ; That I the mighty inmost tether May know, that binds the world together ; All germs, all forces that lifewards struggle, And with vain words no longer juggle. Thou busy Spirit, that rangest unconfined Round the wide world, how near I feel to thee : SPIRIT. Which erst from angels* lips swelled round the darksome tomb, A new-sealed covenant with mortals founding ? IVe myrrh and aloes^ (/- Our poor memorial^ Mournfully -zealous^ Brought for his burial ; Then did 'we bind him All 'With fine linen o'ery Ah ! 42 Goethe's Faust For this recall to life I am beholden Aforetime, in the solemn, Sabbath hush, Down like a kiss Heaven's love upon me floated ; Then big with boding pealed the chiming bells, deep-throated. Then did a sweet, mysterious yearning Through field and woodland drive me ever on. (y er death "victorious He from His vaulted Grave risen glorious Sitteth exalted. Live for the fame of Him ^ Love by the shame of Him, Give in the name of Him, Publish nvhat came of Him, Pardon proclaim of Him, Then 'is your Master near^ ^^ Then is He here! \_Ho Uday -makers of all classes stream forth from the city, PRENTICE-LADS.

Pardon 1 to words sublime i cannot soar, Though all Thy court in mockery were scof F- ing. Through nerve and vein, young holy life's delight With a new-glowing ardour thrills and tingles !

My sentiment would move Thy laughter, sure, Hadst Thou not long unlearned the art ot laugh- ing. Was it a God, these symbols that did write, Which soothe to sleep mine inner madness. I see in this pure character y Creative Nature, Hmned in vivid imagery. , What heavenly forces up and down are ranging, The golden buckets interchanging, With wafted benison winging.

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