Funny dating contracts for teens

by  |  02-Sep-2015 09:18

” To test out if this would actually work for parents and teens, I decided to sign-up for a good old weight-loss contract.

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Here is where it got even harder, it makes me check in with my measurements, and makes me list an enforcer and support contacts.

I put my mom, my boyfriend and my second email address on there…(hey, I can be a really good support for myself.) They get an email to remind me of my goal and they have to check in with me at ‘weigh-ins’ too! Now, I not only have to face myself at the end of 12 weeks, but also my friends and family.

Plus you join a whole network of other weight-loss contractees!

They usually worked pretty well in my house and I have already encouraged cell phone contracts.

Recently I stumbled upon a number of online contractual services.

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