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So be honest about what it would mean for you, and insist the same from your friend. Many would say don’t even stay the night, but for some of us geographical and transportation considerations make that quite the inconvenience (3am wait for the G train? For me, sleeping in the bed doesn’t do much, but post-coital breakfast the next morning? If you’re sleeping together five times a week, and then it dies down or stops for a few weeks, don’t be troubled.

She gets busy, he gets busy — totally normal, and probably why you’re not in relationships in the first place.

I think there’s an instinctual expectation that if you sleep with a friend, you’ll start being treated differently than all your other friends, given first priority…that sort of thing.

The most delicate relationship of the human race, the Friends With Benefits (FWB) dynamic has a fail rate of roughly 108%.

He was leading her on; she ignored signs that he’d had real feelings all along; he didn’t tell her he was seeing other people. I’ve had FWB experience that didn’t result in someone getting hurt, or the whole friendship dissolving.

Fwb means dating

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