Geological dating isotope buffalo router validating identity

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The precision of isotope ratio analyses by ICP-SFMS is under optimal conditions better than 0.05% relative standard deviation.

This is not as good as for MC-ICP-MS, but still sufficient to separate lead from different sources, e.g.

in toxicological investigations, by the natural variation in isotope composition Tracers are used primarily in biological and medical research.

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Here stable isotopes are an attractive alternative to radioactive isotopes since they carry no risk of radiation.

Isotope dilution is a sophisticated method for quantitative analysis of elements.

After "spiking" the sample with a stable enriched isotope of an element, the original concentration of that element can be calculated from the measured change in one or more isotope ratios.

Isotopes are atoms of a specific element that have different masses.

In nature, most elements occur as a mixture of several so-called stable isotopes in more or less constant proportions.

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