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Mortgage Options While Going Through a Divorce Going through a divorce can be a traumatic time for anyone.

Although the love may have faded away and you want to part ways, the home you’ve acquired while married can turn into a major obstacle for both parties.

All of us need structure in our lives, although hectic and overwhelming at times, it's good for us to have structure because it keeps us out of trouble.

So Meagan's new found free time combined with her desire to "have some fun" and for companionship has resulted in her spending a lot of time at a couple of local restaurants with bars.

She's been drinking a lot and begun dating during her divorce.

Sadly, many divorcing couples revert back to acting like they're 20 years old and in a fraternity, instead of being the adults with kids and responsibilities that they actually are.

There are other considerations as well so check out this post on dating while separated for other things to think about.

Good dating while going through a divorce

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