Gridview1rowupdating example

by  |  01-Nov-2014 02:47

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I apologize for having to ask this, but I'm fairly new at programming, so I'm not sure where to drop this code.

Data Bind() _visible = [False] Next End Sub Thanks, Brilliant!

For those who stumble across this post later on, the only thing I had to change in the code above was (gvr. Find Control("txt Object Class") - a simple spelling error.

My issue is, I need to be able to grab the value that the user enters in the "Description" field, and append some more data to it before the row is updated. In btn Update_Click event you can try to assign each parameter manaully not to use Update Row() function. 2) I need to add the code you provide in my btn_Update_Click event.

For example, if the user enter "Blackfeet", I need to append "1111" to that after the user clicks the Update button, but before the row is updated. Try something like: For Each gvr As Grid View Row In gvd Transportation.

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