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The addiction is their spirituality, it comforts them, celebrates them and is always available and present.Then there is the sex addict who can be two or even three of the above reasons.This is why a specialist in sex addiction is the best route for recovery with sex addiction.

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A person with a high sex drive is satisfied with sex.

It’s not about a fix for something; when their partner says “NO” it doesn’t make them go off the handle thinking their partner is totally rejecting them and have to leave the house or act out in some other way.

If you can relate to this the chances are there may be an addiction issue.

Sex addiction is a way some people medicate their feelings and/or cope with their stresses to the degree that their sexual behavior becomes their major coping mechanism for stresses in their life.

The individual often can not stop this sexual behavior for any great length of time by themselves.

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