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by  |  12-Sep-2015 16:32

I am quite new to Share Point and have been working on this thing for a couple of days.


In this example, any time a new item is added to my "Tasks" list, the event receiver adds a similar item to my "Skills and Abilities" list: // ITEM ADDED public override void Item Added(SPItem Event Properties properties) { base.

Update(); }}} Here is an example "Item Added" event -- your itemupdating event can work similar to this.

Name == "Discussion") { if (cur List Name == "Tasks") { SPList sa List = properties. Lists["Skills & Abilities"]; SPList Item sa Item = SPUtility.

To String()); SPField Lookup Value task Lookup = new SPField Lookup Value(); task Lookup = new SPField Lookup Value(properties. Update(); Event Firing Enabled = true; } } } } catch (Exception ex) { // handle exception...

After Properties["Task ID"]); sa Item["Task Lookup"] = task Lookup; sa Item["Title"] = properties. To String(); sa Item["Body"] = "Please leave a comment by clicking the Reply link on the right of this message."; sa Item[_in Status] = "New"; // perform the update with event firing disabled Event Firing Enabled = false; sa Item.

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