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[…] Scribbling your thoughts on paper is a common hobby, especially when we are in school.

The difference though is we never realised it was a piece of art from our imagination until we started celebrating […] Sarnath Banerjee manages to intrigue my attention in the cover itself.

With each passing year, the design and Designyatra community grows bigger, more diverse and younger too (and that excites us about the creative culture in India – creative jobs are “cooler”! Nothing substitutes the feeling […] The clock ticks faster and faster at Kyoorius and while we catch our breath, and present to you programmes after programmes rich in content and diverse in spectrum, we are never going to stop spoiling […] All images courtesy Anything Metal Works.

Anything Metal Works (AMW) is a labour of love founded by two friends, Zarwan Elavia and Johan Pais, with a common passion for motorcycling.

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