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by  |  04-Apr-2015 03:17

I don't know if you have ever watched Filipino TV I have briefly viewed it waiting in line at the local Filipino restaurant before ordering the mestizo look is the epitome of beauty in the Philippines and a lot of people want kids with those features.Out here in California a lot of Filipinas prefer light skin and Caucasian features within their ethnic group(they take pride in letting you know they had a Spanish or Portuguese ancestor) and quite a few do like white guys that has been my experience listening to them talk.It is commen to most Asians in Asia also as the active thread on the "trend" in China suggest.

That being more European or East Asian in features versus the Moreno features of the majority.

However growing up in a segregated America most Filipinos that I know in interracial relationships are with Black men and my experience would destroy the entire prejudice that they are after "white guys" because of some sort of cultural self hate or racial superiority/ inferiority complex.

In-breeding within the same race is neither healthy nor biologically desirable in the long run. People who will only date within "their" race have some serious psychological issues going on.

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