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We sat down and made a written budget so we knew exactly what was a reasonable monthly payment for us, and we bought exactly that much house and not a cent more, on a 15-year mortgage so we could pay it off as soon as possible.

(This is where having a good real estate agent will come in handy!

You definitely want someone who respects your budget and wants to abide by it.

In other words: someone who has your best interests at heart. We paid for it with cash we’d saved and, after driving older, grosser cars for years, it totally felt like an upgrade. We wrote down on paper exactly how much we could spend each month on each category of expenses, and we each got a small amount of money to spend on whatever we wanted. ) We had exactly $300 for groceries, and at the end of the month if we had spent it all, we had to scrounge in the dark recesses of the pantry and make it work until the next month began.

This is an excellent place to find a real estate agent who will work within your means.) 4. It seemed like all my coworkers and friends were driving shiny new cars, but we were still driving beater 15-year-old cars with LOTS of miles. (Except the whole slippery-slope-to-teddy-bear-wallpaper thing.) 5. We stretched every dollar, became crazy coupon people, and learned to tell ourselves “no” when we wanted something outside the budget.

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