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by  |  26-Aug-2015 23:58

This is disregarding girls that had been 'jumpstarted' (as freedomday mentioned recently) by suggestion, exposure, or education, if you will. My 'coping' so far is to avoid being alone with her. I encourage and invite GC members to open up to this idea of coping in an unhealthy environment/society. My only plan so far is to continue to explain, as situations allow, reasons why we can't do that together. I mean at least some honest talk but even that, if learned by the fam, will be trouble for both of us.

She had always, on her own (from teachings from her mother I'm sure) made it clear that I could touch her anywhere except 'there'. But she flipped and recently must have decided that was bullshit and wanted me to touch her 'there'. Leaving her to the the Rapy wolves is equally unacceptable.

It happened in a room full of family and she was quickly swarted by her sis and my wife. Leaving her 'on her own' seems cruel and even abusive in a way.

Her parents will not take this on - I know them well enough to say that with certainty.

You can learn so much from paedophile chat rooms about how these men operate on a day to day basis.

Their conversations give so much of their behaviours away, because they are being themselves.

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