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Though in part it is out of preference, it is happily also out of practicality that I lean towards the Scribe side of things.

With much of my work being Bridge related, and with Timber Bridges being the seeming lone exception () away from variations of Scribe which had been the norm for timber carpentry for millennia.

Long hostilities with the neighboring colony including cross border raiding, and raids encouraged from those neighboring colonials among Tribal peoples from both sides of the border.

This pressure saw to it that settlement here in Northern New England held fast at a standstill from the 1630’s through the 1760’s – As did building technology.

As is found elsewhere in the New World, settlement patterns heavily influenced construction, in that colonials brought with them what they knew.

My revolving focus is often driven by a particular bridge, or its Truss Type, or an interest in its developer or Patent holder.

My current attentions have once again revolved around to focus on something of deep and long interest, something that is the core of who I am and what I do.

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