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Fuhrman, a licensed caregiver under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, was charged with felony delivery and manufacture of marijuana and possession of hydrocodone. Emmi was part of a task force that executed search warrants on Fuhrman’s home and other locations as part of the bust.


At least one day after her fiance’s arrest, Pearce saw the small green light flashing on her Nest Cam baby monitor—while she and her son were naked after just leaving the bathtub, the complaint states.

The Nest Cam’s status light flashes whenever it’s being monitored by a designated device, such as a computer, cellphone, or i Pad. There’s a lot more to this than ‘oh this police officer was spying on me while I was naked.’ Seriously?

The camera also has a sensor that sends alerts to the devices when there is motion in the baby’s room. ”Joshua Clay claimed he “was not violent or combative” that day in 2010 when he refused hospital staff’s orders to remove his clothing.

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