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The Web is a giant experiment, a global theory, that has amazingly enough worked pretty well.

Its history illustrates the ways that technological advancement and innovation can move along unintended paths.

Originally, the Web and the Internet were created to be part of a military strategy, and not meant for private use.

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More than any technical definition, the Web is a way that people communicate.

The Internet, which is what the Web is laid down upon, started in the 1950’s as an experiment by the Department of Defense.

They wanted to come up with something that would enable secure communications between various military units.

Going online...Web....getting on the Internet....these are all terms that we're quite familiar with.

Entire generations now have grown up with the Web as a ubiquitous presence in our lives, from using it to find information on any subject you can possibly think of, to getting directions via GPS delivered via geolocation to our smart phones, finding people we've lost touch with, even shopping online and getting anything we want delivered to our front door.

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