Adult boards chat message room - Outlook 2016 inbox not auto updating

by  |  10-Dec-2014 13:58

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When in my main inbox folder, it would be great if when I slide down to update, it then updates all sub-folders I have under 'Inbox', rather than having to go to each sub-Folder individually and having to update.

Hello I use Outlook for working and I make many folders for tracking mail easily.

Outlook PC version can use filtering and send specific person's mail direct to subfolder. Mobile version didn't refresh subfolders automatically. but Basic iphone mail app refresh and push subfolder automatically.

On outlook mobile, when I want to check subfolder's mail, there are too many time waist because refresh all last mail everytime. My Folders & Sub-Folders are not syncing same order as on the Sever?

They are in weird arrangements not even Alphabetical order?

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