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PHM and DBH share a few regions of sequence similarity, some of which contain clusters of conserved histidine residues that may be involved in copper binding [PMID: 11028916, PMID: 16301310].

Interestingly, in Drosophila, the PHM and PAL enzyme are not fused.

The Drosophila genome predicts expression of one monofunctional PHM gene and two monofunctional PAL genes [PMID: 15198673].

Drosophila PHM encodes an active enzyme that is required for peptide amidation in vivo [PMID: 10993678], while both PAL proteins display PAL enzymatic activity and are involved in neuroendocrine biosynthesis [PMID: 15198673].

The production of alpha-amidated peptides from their glycine-extended precursors is a two-step process involving the sequential action of two catalytic domains encoded by the bifunctional peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase (PAM) precursor.

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